Burning Bars

Naopa Supply’s brand Burning Bars


How are Naopa Supply’s Burning Bars made?

Burning bars are electric welded tubing filled with special wires. Contrary to oxygen lance pipe, burning bars sustain their own flame and high temperature after lighting without the need of outside catalysts.



The product must be oil and grease-free to prevent explosions that may occur because of mixing oxygen and oil. Common terminology used when ordering is: “cleaned for oxygen use.”

Burning bars are a reliable and economical means for tapping heats, cutting heavy scrap, removing skulls and other production requirements.

Burning bars are commonly referred to as exothermic lances, mag rods, mag bars, thermic lances, etc.

Burning bars are utilized for many cutting projects in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals, demolition, scrap and construction industries. Burning bars are used to cut nearly any material quickly and efficiently.

Common uses of Burning Bars:

  • Taphole opening and cleaning
  • Skull, slag and scrap cutting
  • Cutting of stainless steel scrap, tubes, tanks etc.
  • Copper and nickel skull cutting / removal
  • Refractory cutting
  • Train derailment
  • Construction projects
  • Cutting or piercing concrete or ceramic materials
  • Large pin or bolt removal
  • Gouging thick ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Common size of Burning Bars

  • .625” exterior diameter x 3 meters tube with smooth ending.
  • .840” exterior diameter x 3 meters tube with smooth ending.