Products and Services

We are exclusive agents in Mexico of the most outstanding companies in the steel industry.

Manufacturer of calcinated Rice Hull Ash used as insulator for covering liquid steel. With the percentage of unburned carbon in the range of 4 to 6% and low crystalline silica values, the ash is used as insulator in the steel manufacturing process without fear of flaring up. Because Its high porosity the insulating power is superior to any other product.

An engineering and hardware company with manufacturing capabilities, providing cost-effective high efficiency fan upgrades for high capacity needs .

Safety equipment for oxygen lancing.

The world’s leading technology-based designer and manufacturer of injection lances and tips for the steelmaking industry. Manufacturer of cooling panels, Blast Furnace tuyeres, electrode shoes, Blast Furnace cooling boxes.

Manufacturer of high quality sphere valves, butterfly valves and control valves for all process control needs.

Spanish company manufacturer of special refractories and burners.
Manufacturers and proprietary of the sliding gate system NOVALCO, as well as Regenerative Burners.

Electric welded tubing filled with special wires. Contrary to oxygen lance pipe, burning bars sustain their own flame and high temperature after lighting without the need of outside catalysts.

Danish company specialized in the manufacturing of insulating refractory materiasl for home and industrial applications. Skamol owns its own raw material mines.

Naopa Supply also provides Software develpoment services for specific needs, dispatching carts manufacturing, sale of cart equipment, and training on specific subjects.

Ferrex is an Engineering Company that has been providing innovative solutions to Metals Industry since 1983. We started offering Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services and have grown offering Engineering, Automation and IT services.

Founded in 1927, Columbia Machine Works has served the Steel Industry with our unique design and manufacturing capabilities. Located in the heart of Middle Tennessee, we have provided our customers with services ranging from short run product production to complete equipment rebuilds and turn-key project management.