Skamol’s main business area is the development, manufacture, and marketing of thermal insulating products to heat-intensive industries worldwide. The Skamol products are used in a wide range of industrial kilns and furnaces and as lining in hearth and heating appliances. Part of the product range is marketed for fire protection purposes.

Major business areas
Aluminium industry
Hearth and heating appliances, such as wood-burning and gas-fired stoves, fireplaces, night storage heaters, and domestic boilers
High-temperature industries, such as Cement & Minerals, Paper & Pulp, Iron & Steel, Petrochemicals, Glass industries, as well as Incineration and Power plants
Fire protection, e.g. core material for fire doors and heat protection shielding around fireplaces and stoves.
Insulating bricks based on natural mined diatomaceous earth
Insulating boards based on calcium silicate or vermiculite
Customized shapes and panel designs made from vermiculite
Dry-mix mortar for jointing of Skamol bricks and insulating boards.
Fired Moler aggregate in different grain sizes for loose-fill insulation.
Skamobar low-alumina fireclay bricks and SICAL silicon nitride-bonded SiC bricks.
Materials for lightweight fire doors, cladding of beams and columns, as well as ventilation and cable ducts.